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A founder, an employee, a room, and a vision. And a customer who believed in them. That was the beginning. Today BrownField Ltd. is a well-established company that operates in two countries and employs more than 300 people. We want to be a global apparel company that cares. We are expertise in new OEM product development of knit, woven and sweater. We are now largest promotional and gift garments and textile item manufacture and wholesale in Bangladesh We started our journey in 2008 as a garment agency and trading house since then we are the leading Garments & Textile goods manufacturing, design, development, sourcing, and Logistics Company for many retailers and brands around the world. In 2016 we started our manufacturing unit for knit items. Apart from our manufacturing units, we also have a unit consist 27 peoples with a biz volume US $ 28 million, where we focus to give quality service to our customers dedicating more on value addition, product development, design & technical support. We specialize in responsibly managing supply chains of high-volume, time-sensitive goods. We are largest OEM promotional garments and gift item manufacturer in Bangladesh. We provide sophisticated, one-stop-shop solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our customer relationships, vendor network, and operations as one of the best in Bangladesh Garments and Textile Industry. We are committed to achieving the highest standards when meeting the needs of our customers through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery.



We are dealing with fashion. And fashion is always fun. Fashion can never been boring. Fashion has colors. Fashion is something crazy about it. Fashion is always young is been today and tomorrow. Our way of working is deeply involved in the choice of factories, the choice of materials, and the way to communicating with customer and the way technically and process quality controlled. Fashion means we have to up to date, we have to know the trend, and we have to know the market, make research and make sure we offer the values, the creative side, and the fashion side to the customer. And the last part “the company that cares”. Here it has two implication. Care for the Customers, Care for our peoples and care for our suppliers and partners. The “People” dimension of our business “People People People”. They are biggest investment, they are our biggest cost. They can make or break our business. So really speaking, it’s the People side of our operations, which is finally the most important part of our business. There is no doubt about it. The company offers a wide range of products in various segments across all woven, knitted and sweater lines. An experienced quality team further ensures that all shipments pass rigorous quality assurance standards, including any special requirements set by clients.



The industry is clear. There is little difference between the good apparel manufacturing partner in terms of merchandising and quality. These are the minimum requirements. We add human value to our service at every level. We care about our people, about our customers, and about our production partners.



Understanding and fulfilling customers` and markets` dynamic needs. Developing and maintaining mutual relationships with our suppliers. Constantly developing the potential of our human resources.



We invest strongly in design. We offer market intelligence. We have a global sourcing platform. We provide our customers specialized support for CONTEMPORARY WEAR with our high-end collection FIRST ROW. We do store checks in fashion capitals around the world. We seek manufacturing partners with great care, sometimes newcomers with whom we can build.